Location (media) owner

Examples of digital locations : OOH-media owners, transport operators, specific destinations like cinema, concert halls, stadiums, fitness clubs, museums, landmarks, shops…

digital locationsBeacon-enable your media, points of interest/sales by allowing approved third-party apps to use your locations for engagement with their audience and/or customers. Receive a touchpoint fee and the aggregated data of all audience behaviour from your locations.

What will the ecosystem bring you as a location partner?

-Extended location and audience data.
-Extra value for brands (with apps).
-A bridge to your on- and offline world.
-Platform immediately available under pay-as-you-use model : faster time-to-market.

One shared network:

-Low investment, maintenance and risk.
-Economies of scale; create a new revenue stream.
-Reduced fragmentation, better quality of data and shared learnings.
-The future potential of an ever-expanding open network (ecosystem).