About us

We connect the physical and digital world for companies in their pursuit to create better brand experiences on-the-go.


We build an ecosystem of core partners:
Partners who bring in mobile apps and/or locations.
Via our open proximity technology we connect both worlds. We configure geofence networks over countries and beacon enable interested out-of-home media/location networks, as well as several POI and POS and provide participating apps with a plug-in for easy geofence- and beacon detection. By combining all these core partners; a drop-in Proximity Solution is possible.

We develop tools and services to:
Follow footprint and get a better understanding of consumer behaviour through proximity data.
Trigger and interact with mobile app users at the right location and time to get a better understanding of consumer behaviour through engagement data and insights.
For marketers, this means being empowered to effectively engage with target audiences, at highly receptive moments.

Partners have the possibility to generate extra value and revenue:
Build better consumer journeys (omni-channel strategies).
Add extra value to current client offering, as a competitive advantage.
Generate extra/new revenue through a revenue share of paid proximity data/ media/ advertising.

Partners get the possibility to leverage a wider reach:
Wide-spread predefined interest/ vertical based networks (geofences and beacon enabled out of home media owners and all other third party location owners).
Multiple third party mobile apps with each their user base.
A variety of advertising sales houses for more or better monetisation.
Inspire all partners with shared best practices and learnings:
We build and partner for the best interest and functioning of the collaborative ecosystem and shared open network.

We believe in a collaborative, shared ecosystem:
Building for quality over quantity is important in today’s chaos.
Leveraging the strengths of each partner is key to yield the best results in the long run.
Collaborating independently is necessary to stay agile.
Sharing an open spirit with the focus on opportunities instead of competition.
At all times, beware consumers feel they are in control, and their privacy is respected.

“The internet changed already significantly the way consumers purchase and interact with brands. We believe by building the physical net and plugging the mobile internet, we will get the best of both worlds.”