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Agencies and Advertisers

Our end-to-end mobile marketing solution is built to engage audiences at low cost.

Physical Network

We are building an out of home physical network through beacons and geofences in locations with high footfall- or dwelling time.
Beacons can be applied for location based marketing at in- and outdoor locations.
We aim to ‘beaconize’ all interesting out-of-home locations. (street furniture, billboards, POI/POS…)
In order to reach audiences outside our installed beacon zones we propose the use of geofences.

Open Network

This physical network will be open to all approved mobile apps in order to bridge the digital knowledge we gather from consumers and their real world behaviour.
Understanding the consumers’ footprint, collecting feedback on the spot and many other timely- location based engagements will open plenty of new opportunities in brand strategies.

Closed Network

We offer our platform also for partners that prefer to roll-out their own closed network.
In this setup you are not part of the Open Network but you have the option to white-label the platform/apps in your own ecosystem.
There is always the option to step into the open network in a later phase.

add remove What will the ecosystem bring you as advertiser/agency partner?

Make your brands stand out with memorable marketing on any smartdevice.
Easy “drop-in” marketing solution.
A bridge to your on- and offline world.
Measure campaign success with one easy interface (or integrate with your own campaign tools)

add remove One shared network

Low investment, maintenance and risk.
Economies of scale; create a new revenue stream.
Reduced fragmentation, better quality of data and shared learnings.
The future potential of an ever-expanding open network (ecosystem).