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add remove What are geofences?

Geofences (n.): Virtual fences that can be placed anywhere outdoors (above cities, areas, stores, airports, etc.), and allow you to interact with mobile devices through a combination of GPS, wifi signals, on entering, dwell or exit of the geo-zones.

add remove What can brands do with macro location-based technology?

Geofencing is an easy way for marketers to start with location based technology. Therefore they can use their own mobile brand app or collaborate with third party app(s) that have our location SDK integrated.

add remove How can geofences be used?

With our carefully selected predefined geofences and our click-and-choose tool to select made-to-measure geofences, you are able to track and trace your mobile app users and/or push them relevant messages on entering/exiting a geofence zone.

add remove Geofences as footprint and real-world behaviour data collector

All this information allows you to have a better understanding of your user’s real world behaviour. You know when and how many users enter, dwell, or exit a designated geofence – for example a specific city, a concert, a mall,… You grow knowledge about their real world interests and behaviour. It gives you extra information to tailor better app and omni-channel brand experiences for your consumers.

add remove Geofences as a means to improve app- and omni-channel brand experiences

With the knowledge that a user has visited or frequently visits a specific location or locations, you can tailor your mobile messaging (e-mailing, air-push, in-app & lock-screen) and real-world service to make each interaction better suited to the user’s profile.

add remove Geofences as an on-location and real-time interaction

Geopush are push notifications that are triggered when a user enters, dwells or exits a geofence location. The goal is to trigger your users to use your app on a relevant location.