Open Network

“In our connected world, brands operate in a complex ecosystem.
To thrive, brands need to learn to develop strategies that provide value to the entire ecosystem.
When they do that, they harness the support of all ecosystem partners.”


Our vision:

To enable partners that want to take part in this next revolution:

  • Location owners: All partners with meaningful locations (high footfall and dwell-time, POS/POI).
  • Brands & Media: Content producers including or building location based content to spark consumers on very specific locations.
  • Mobile App owners: All apps willing to connect to our platform (through our SDK or back-end to back-end), partners open to distribute relevant own and/or 3rd party messages to their audiences.
  • Audience: The opinion and interest of the users is of high importance within the ecosystem. The purpose is to bring them the best entertaining experiences on-the-go.

Why partner with WeAreNexen?

  • Gain time-to-market.
  • Go beyond your own on- and offline horizon.
  • Build an extra revenue channel.
  • Offer extra value to advertisers, clients and partners.
  • Obtain better insights in real world locations.
  • Target consumers with the most relevant content at the most convenient time and place.

If your need goes beyond communication and marketing; we also consult and guide you towards the right partners for your business needs.