Our platform is developed in-house and hosted on amazon cloud technology.

It offers easy tools to create timely and location based campaigns using geofencing and beacon technology.

We started the platform from an open mindset and an encouragement for a collaborative ecosystem.


Via the open network and our location SDK, proximity based marketing and data can be added into the marketing mix:

  • You can build up mobile users real world footprint (the real world cookie).
  • You can manage location based marketing and/or retageting campaigns.
  • You can deliver hyper contextual in-app, push and lock-screen notifications.
  • You can measure the campaign engagement.
  • We build user friendly dashboards and wizards for easy campaign creation without having to learn one line of code.
  • Each partner has access to its own dashboard & metrics.

Key Functionalities:

  • Experience an easy and powerful medium to kickstart with Proximity Marketing, giving you the right tools to add the last mile to your Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy.
  • WeAreNexen allows companies to easily grasp the opportunities with proximity marketing, as well as proof how powerful the medium is to grow better relationships with consumers without big investments.
  • With our location SDK, both new or existing apps can easily deploy and manage proximity technology.
  • Our straightforward set up of the platform allows anyone to create and manage engaging beacon campaigns and extract actionable analytics and proximity insights.